Corey Cao Nguyen is a Vietnamese American cinematographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles and Orange County.  He prides himself on placing the story above all in his work, emphasized by a naturalistic style that frames characters in their worlds and builds empathy and emotion through light. This perspective lends Nguyen toward documentary films, which have taken him around the world telling stories about marginalised people in communities like Paraguay, South Africa, and in the United States. Nguyen’s work has been featured in the LA Times and in The Advocate.  Corey Cao Nguyen is also the grandson of Nguyen Duc Quang. 

Theone Ly is a commercial and music video director based in Los Angeles. As a 1.5 Vietnamese generation immigrant, her works are mostly influenced by her heritage, aiming to showcase the quintessence of  the Vietnamese history and culture to the Vietnamese diaspora in the United States and around the world. Theone Ly and Jonathan Del Pozo have co-founded the BLVCKDEN, a production company whose mission is to support small businesses and up-and-coming artists.

Matthew Goriachkovsky is a Russian-Jewish American multi-media storyteller based in Los Angeles. His creative work focuses on restorative justice and the lives disrupted by systemic oppression. Our Small Majority is a podcast co-founded by Goriachkovsky and Christian Black, an African American Filmmaker and Prison Psychology Researcher. Goriachkovsky is inspired by his immigrant parents who fled the social upheaval and political unrest of the collapsing USSR. He graduated from UC Irvine where he studied Education Sciences and Digital Filmmaking. His film Within Their Gates is traveling to festivals starting with the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival and the Nichi Bei Foundations Films of Remembrance Showcase.


Megan Sullivan is a recent graduate from University of California, Irvine with a degree in Political Science and Digital Filmmaking. As an aspiring filmmaker, she hopes to bring diverse stories to the screen and, by doing so, a little more empathy to the world. Her work has been featured in NBC Nightly News and the DigiFilm Film Festival.